Soul and Power Retrievals

Change your life by restoring your power and vitality

Restore Your Power

Do you ever feel less than whole? Do you know that something is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Then a Shamanic Soul and Power Retrieval could be for you.  In our lives we so often lose parts of ourselves, we lose them in relationships, in jobs, in friendships and in life’s up’s and down’s. And this can reflect in our relationships, health or even chronic bad luck where our life does not seem to flow as we know it should.

In a Shamanic session the Shaman goes into an altered state and non-ordinary reality and brings back the parts of you that are lost and it has a profound effect on our lives.

I have been amazed at how quickly people’s lives have changed since having  Soul and Power retrievals. I have seen their health and energy levels change overnight, new opportunities arrive instantaneously and mood and emotions improve tremendously.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to facilitate for people and a true blessing for the recipient.

I completed my training with world renowned Shamanic Practitioner Stephen Mulhearn of Lendrick Lodge and am looking forward to returning to Lendrick Lodge soon to complete more course and deepen my knowledge of Shamanism and the gifts it has to offer to the world.

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Shamanic Power Retrievals with Suzanne Postings at Hope Healing Cornwall

Shamanic Power Retrievals with Suzanne Postings at Hope Healing Cornwall


“Suzanne is amazing!! I had a Soul/Power retrieval this afternoon and it was incredible!! Suzanne really made me feel at ease through the process and enabled me to let go and release everything I needed to and has given me my power back. I feel whole again!! I really can’t thank you enough!! Xxxx” Ella

“Since 2010 I have been under a cloud of clinical depression, anxiety and P.T.S.D as a result of life experiences. Since then I have progressively sought numerous remedies, both holistic and through conventional methods. Also much internal work through my own healing abilities. Nevertheless the cloud, though it lifted somewhat, something was missing by way of healing, to get me back to my former self. By ‘coincidence’ I was introduced to Suzanne through an old school friend and booked an online shamanic power retrieval session. Since then, I have had zero anxiety, not one day feeling depressed and have been restored to the outgoing soul I used to be with a renewed zest and love for life. I would highly recommend Suzanne and her healing abilities. I am alive again!!! 💜” Yewan