About Reiki & Hope Healing

What Is Reiki?

Reiki healing is a powerful hands on treatment that works with the universal life force energy of “Chi” to shift negative energy and dis-ease and brings the recipient into harmony. Originally developed in Japan by Dr.Usui in 1922, today there are many different variations and styles that have enhanced the original energies. It can be used for many different things including, alleviating dis-ease, pain relief, to combat stress and to help with clarity or simply for relaxation.

A Reiki treatment can be a relaxing and deeply profound experience. It can relieve physical and emotional tension, aid pain relief and help with emotional stress or simply for relaxation. During a treatment many experience intense heat and a pulsating wave of energy within the body.

About Suzanne Postings

Hi I am Suzanne founder of Hope Healing. Whilst travelling around Asia and Australia in 2001 I discovered Reiki and yoga in a little town called Pai at the foothills of the mountains of Thailand and my beliefs and view of the world changed forever.

Since then I have returned to Pai many times and have studied with some amazingly spiritual teachers. It was here that I was initiated into the very powerful Shamballa Reiki system that I work with today. It incorporates the traditional energies and so much more. I have discovered that we all have the power within ourselves to change our lives for the better.

I now incorporate powerful Shamanic Soul Retrievals and higher dimensional Channeled healing into my sessions and training for a unique and deeply soulful experience.

It is my wish to help as many people step into freedom from fear that governs so much of our lives. Over the last 18 years of practicing Reiki I have seen some amazing transformations and healing take place. We live in exciting times where the world around us is changing rapidly and now more than ever it is important to connect with our inner voice in order to move forward with grace.

I have also studied as a yoga teacher and have taught adults and children and have again seen some wonderful transformations. Yoga, Reiki it is all food for the soul.

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