I Am Not A Virgin

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I always say you wouldn’t want to go to a sex therapist who’s a virgin would you? No really, you wouldn’t would you. So here I am showing you my human side. Showing you that sometimes I feel like fucking screaming, stamping me feet, shouting that it isn’t fair. Crying for what I have lost or what never came to fruition. I have doubts and fears and make the wrong decision sometimes but that is what it is all about, we didn’t come to this crazy fucking world to be perfect robots, we came to experience duality, to know what it is like to FEEL. How can you really appreciate love if you have never felt the pain of losing it? How can you really appreciate how amazing your body is if you have never felt sick? We learn as we grow. And yes some of the hardest lessons are so fucking painful, they break you but they break you OPEN. Like a seed that is breaking through it’s hard shell, growth requires expansion and breaking through the hard shell of the ego.

We are all human beings, if you weren’t you wouldn’t be reading this. Yes we are Spiritual, yes we are connected to source energy, yes we are divine love. I know that, I feel that and God knows I share that in my posts and in my life. But today my human self wants me to give her a fucking break. She wants to have the time to feel what she needs to feel, not to be told that she should all be love and light all the time. Fuck that.

Give yourself a break, stop trying to make it all clean and perfect. All these beautiful posts of yogi’s doing some amazingly, difficult pose, or us healers showing fabulous sunsets and divine light, yes great for advertising, great visuals but let’s show the real us too. The hours of practise it took to hold that handstand, the fear of falling that we had to overcome. The deep soul searching and pain that as healers we had to face in order to find our fucking light, in order to find a way out of the darkness.

You see the only way we can guide you is by our own experiences. We can help you though your darkest times because we have been there, with vivid, real , deeply fucking emotional traumas we have faced in order to help you find your way.

I love helping people, I love guiding them, I love seeing them shine, I love cutting through the bullshit and helping them laugh through the tears. You see I can hold space for you when you fall, I can hold space for you when you are hurting, I hope I do it well, I hope the love that I feel and the compassion of what you are going through is obvious, I hope you feel it and feel nurtured and held.

You see I’m not a virgin, not by a long shot and that might just be my saving grace.

I work face to face or on-line, so if you want real, honest support on your healing journey then please get in touch or book online below. The booking system will give you the option to book online or face to face. If you have any problems with booking then please email me direct [ameliabooking]

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