How much is your soul worth?

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Let’s talk about money. Let’s talk about this false belief that “A true healer doesn’t charge for their service” as someone once said to me. I’m sure this is gonna get someone’s hackles up but let me explain myself before you go getting you knickers in a twist.

You see I have a theory, it’s just a theory I have no proof but isn’t that how all theories start? In the good old days the healers and wise of the community were respected, they were held in great regard and were looked after by their community. Supported so that they could do their work, dedicate their life to healing the sick and helping people in need. There was always an exchange of some kind, food or services, but something was always given in appreciation, as the universe needs balance. So when the Holy Inquisition came and an estimated three to five million people were killed, I believe a rumour was started, a vicious rumour to keep those people with powers to the unseen world down. A rumour that would keep them in poverty so that they were so focused on survival that they could not rise against the status quo.

Think about it, let that sink in, how does that feel to you? I feel the truth in it, I feel the truth that it was just another way to control people, have them so hooked in survival that they didn’t have the time or the energy to question what was happening. Now I’m not slagging off religion or the church here, I have some very good friends who are regular church goers and some churches do amazing work. But don’t the Vicars, Pastors and Priests get paid and supported by the local community? Yes, so why shouldn’t healers?

People who are making their living through healing, yoga, coaches etc are worth their weight in gold. They have made it their life’s mission to live through pain and come out the other side so that they can steer you to calmer, brighter times. They have spent thousands of pounds on course, countless hours of self practice and self discovery, studied books and life in order to help you. In order to be a beacon of light to guide you home.

I am not a Primark healer, I am not a stack them high and sell them cheap service. I take time with my clients and students, I have spent nearly 20 years of my life on a journey to uncover my light so that I can be a beacon to those in need. I love and respect myself and know that part of honouring myself is allowing myself to receive abundance and payment for the services I uniquely offer. I have to be full of light in order to help you find yours and this means I have to be comfortable. I have to have my bills paid and give myself space and time to love myself. I also want to be abundant to be living proof to you that it can be done, that you can follow your souls calling and be abundant.

One of the treatments I offer is Shamanic Soul Retrieval, bringing parts of your soul back so that you can feel whole and happy again. When trauma happens part of our soul detaches and takes the pain away, we have all had experiences that make us feel numb. And this reflects in our lives, we don’t feel whole or happy and we can “feel” that something is missing. Shamanic Soul Retrievals bring that part back, we can feel it come back in and we feel so much more whole and connected and our life starts to shift to reflect this new wholeness.

When I first had a Soul Retrieval it was uncovered that because of my adoption I had never really felt like I had a home, I kept moving and never felt settled. A few weeks after my session my landlady wanted to move back into her house, so again I found myself on the move and untethered but I knew that this was my Soul Retrieval working it’s magic. I started to look around for a new home and after some magical synchronicity was finally told I could have a beautiful, permanent home in a place I love and the real beauty of it was that I had that phone call on my birthday!!

For clients it is important to put value on their own healing. And it is a lifelong commitment to feeling good. You don’t have a bath once in your life and expect to stay clean do you? You expect to pay for things in your life that you value. A reliable car, a lovely safe home. Well your body, mind and your emotions are your true home and they need to be cleaned and cleared regularly and by someone you trust and resonate with in order to keep them healthy and happy. And you get out what you put in.  Your wellbeing is not a plastic, disposable part that you can pick up again at the Pound shop. You need to value yourself, show yourself that you are worth it and that you are committed to loving yourself fully. It amazes me how much people will spend in the pub or on their outside appearance but not on their own wellbeing. It is an investment in YOURSELF. A way of saying to yourself “I love you”.

So tell me how much is your soul worth? My Shamanic Soul Retrievals are £80 and I don’t know about you but I would pay that tenfold for part of my own Soul. To book your session contact me on or call me on 07724006469, thanks Suzanne xx

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