Healing your inner child

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As always my life and clients reflect back to me areas where I need to learn and grow. When I started this healing journey nearly 20 years ago I thought it would be a breeze, I thought I could get “there”, could reach a point where I was happy all the time but that’s not how it unfolded, that was not the path I had chosen for myself. See I am here to be of service to the planet, to help people awaken to the light that is within their soul, their true essence of love itself. But in order to do that we have to let go of all that is not love, all the bad shit we believe about ourselves that isn’t true. All the internal dialogue that seeks to keep us feeling small and unloved.

I always say you wouldn’t want to go to a sex therapist who’s a virgin would you? No. So in order to be able to best serve the customers I came here to help I have to feel the things that hold us back. Go through them, experience them, process them, find the best way out of the darkness so that I can help you find your light.  This is true of all healers and light workers. Don’t underestimate what we go through and what we process in order to lift you up and be able to help you.  This is why we charge and should charge for our services, it’s our life’s work but that discussion is for another blog.

Don’t get me wrong it has been amazing, my life is a journey of such great joy and I have experienced so much along the way. I wouldn’t change a thing. I have found such love in myself and others and been lucky enough to facilitate and witness such growth and empowerment in people. I have seen their lives change before my eyes, seen their true light shine through and this makes my heart burst with love and appreciation.

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt restless. I had a client who brought me such a gift. Mirrored what I needed to see and heal in myself. I now know when I feel this way, when I feel bitchy and just can’t settle that some emotions are being pushed up and out of me. That I am being shown a way to deal with these emotions that will help me guide others. In the old days I would go to the pub or go and complain to a friend about what was wrong in my life. But now I deal with things differently. I knew that something needed to be seen, some part of me needed to be heard and loved.

So I listened to that part of myself who needed me, I listened like a mother does to a child, I listened without judgment, I listened without criticism, I listened without offering a solution, I gave her space to  be heard.  You see we all have an inner child who needs to be heard. We usually either don’t listen or we harshly berate and criticise. And let me tell you this does NOTHING for us. NOTHING. We wonder why we don’t feel loved, why we feel sad and lonely at times. Why we feel lost and alone. It is because we are criticising ourselves.

In a world where everything is about what you look like on the outside, everyone’s life looks better than yours in pictures and videos on social media, it is easy to feel lost, it is easy to feel like you are not good enough or that your life should be something other than what it is. But who is posting about what they really feel inside? There are a few people who are doing this, laughing in their big girl pants and trying to do sexy advertising poses, or showing their families antics to the world and we love them, we connect with them because we feel their authenticity.

I learnt so much about myself last night. I learnt what my inner child needed. She had many tears of grief that needed to be heard. She needed to be loved exactly as she is. The experience brought me great insight. It helped me connect to a great well of information and love so that I can help other’s heal their inner child. So they can accept and love the parts of themselves that they keep hidden in the shadows. Let me help you love those parts of yourself. Every time you do this you release the shackles that hold you back, you rise with joy and love, you shine your God given magnificence even brighter and the world needs more of that shit. Come and join me in my workshop on healing your inner child and let you true radiance shine through.

For more information and how to book this event go to https://www.facebook.com/events/366772140853463/

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