Speaking your truth

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I was called to a place this week where I had to speak my truth. I resisted it so much but that truth dragged me there kicking and screaming, it was coming through and out of me whether I wanted it to or not. I had to face my fear of rejection and face what felt right for me regardless of consequences. It made me reveal my vulnerability and let me tell you that’s a scary place to be. Was it easy? No. Was it comfortable? No. Did it require me stepping out of my comfort zone and into a place of the unknown? Yes.
We so often live in a place of fear. Fear of what other’s and society will think of us. Fear of our parents, our peers, our friends, our colleagues, our lovers. We don’t speak our truth, we don’t connect to who we are and what we want. In this fear we live a half life. We allow this fear to lead and then we wonder why our lives don’t feel as rich as we know in our hearts they can be.
Do you know what happened when I faced my fear? Freedom. It felt so good to be ME. Unashamedly ME. Speaking my truth set me free. It was amazing. OK so there are still moments when I think “What the fuck did I do?” but ultimately being true to yourself is all you can be in this world. If you are not true to yourself then how can you expect other’s to be true to you?
We are all being called to this place of letting go of fear and speaking our truth. We live in a society where our individuality is quashed. Right from the moment we go to school we are taught to conform and fit into little ticked boxes. And this squashes our souls. It shrinks our very being. And then we wonder why we suffer from anxiety and depression. There is a record number of mental health issues all across the board of our society. Why? Because we are not connected to our truth. We are connected to our fear.
I can feel this fear as a physical presence, a huge lump of resistance in my throat, energy clogging my true voice but I will not allow fear to rule my life anymore. I have been begging to be shown my true power, asking to be shown how to step into it and now I know it’s in speak my truth. Going beyond my fear and into my true souls calling. Not hiding behind anything anymore, job titles, family ties, relationships, all the things that we get so attached to, all the things that we put in front of our true voice, our truth. You’re true power lies in your truth, the truth that is in your heart. And it’s yours, nobody else’s.
I say get in touch with your truth and see how it feels. Move towards that which make you feel happy. What makes your soul soar and your heart sing. Let your own individuality shine. And if other’s don’t like you for it then move away, they ain’t your tribe. It can be scary, it takes guts and bravery as you don’t know how other’s will react and you may get rejected, but so what? Isn’t it best to live a life of authenticity than a half life of fear? Honour the truth in your heart and watch it set you free.

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