Surrendering into the feminine

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I’m not one to usually share what is happening with planets etc, alignments and so forth, I leave that to the experts in their field. But there is something BIG happening with the world energies right now, a major major shift. We are balancing the masculine and feminine energies. And we are ALL feeling this purge.

I was brought up with Margaret Thatcher at the helm of my country, not much of a role model for a teenage girl coming into her femininity I can tell you. I despised everything about her and really didn’t want to emanate her at all. All that hard edge, tough, masculine traits, the “I can do anything better than a man” attitude, scaring people into submission, that was not what or who I wanted to be. So I pushed against it, I fought, I marched, I joined groups, I campaigned, as lots of women of my generation did. But what I am learning is to push against things is a masculine trait. I became the very thing I didn’t want to be!

Over the last few months I have become increasingly drawn to discovering my feminine side and the balance of the masculine and feminine in all people regardless of their given gender. I have had to put down my sword against the masculine and rediscover my own power. For someone who has spent the last 2 decades on a conscious spiritual journey it has been quite a trip.

What I have discovered is that my power is not outside of me, I mean I knew that already but I am being shown it in such strong and clear ways. I am quite simply having to surrender. No other way, no other path works, the doors are firmly shut in all direction but SURRENDER and TRUST.

Trust in my innate femininity. Connect with my sensuality and my sexuality. Dress so that I feel sexy, not for anyone else but for the love of me, the love of who I am, the love of my amazing body, the love of my feminine power. We are taught that to truly be a woman a man needs to rescue you but I say that a woman in her feminine power rescues a man. She provides a home for him, a place of safety and refuge. That is how he truly becomes a man, not through material wealth but through love.

“How is man to recognise his full self, his full power, through the eyes of an incomplete woman? …. When woman is lost, so is man. The truth is woman is the window to a man’s heart and a man’s heart is the gateway to his soul” Jada Pinkett-Smith

We all have masculine and feminine energies in us and there is a time and place for these but the world needs balance. The feminine has been hidden too long and this has had an effect on the masculine. The masculine has lost his place in the creative process, he has become a victim of his own success. The rise of the feminine does not mean that she will take over the world it means that she will soften the hard edges, bring balance and unity. Provide love, nurture and support. Pleasure and mischief are at her core. She leads from her heart and shines her light. A woman in her feminine is truly sexy, not by her shape or the way she looks but in the way she holds herself and the energy that she emanates from her very being. She is the light, she is the sun.

It may seen slightly off topic to look at the law of attraction and the teachings of Abrahams but stick with me for a moment. The Law of Attraction tells us that everything we ask the universe for is given to us and it is our job to be in the receiving mode of this. THE FEMININE IS THE RECEIVING MODE!! Trust that if you feel good and something feels right then at the right moment all things will fall into place. You don’t need to push and work out how and when, which are masculine traits. It is the feminine that knows how to let creation move through her, how to be playful and open and let things come to her. She knows that by simply shining her light she will inspire the masculine into action.

I am now at a point of surrender, it’s the only place I have left to go. And I am grateful that all those doors are closing, I am so so grateful that I am learning to soften and that my true power comes from my femininity.

I will leave you with this powerful video by John Wineland, I have watched this over and over again and shared it with countless clients and students, I hope it shifts you as much as it has us:

2 thoughts on “Surrendering into the feminine”

  1. I couldn’t agree more!

    I feel like I have spent half my life pushing and pulling and being frustrated and sad trying to force everything.

    Lesson: Stay in the flow and your natural strength will always shine through.

    Much Love
    Donna xx

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