Are you ready to start your Reiki journey?

YES. Then welcome, welcome, welcome.

Opening doors to Reiki clients and students on May 17th.

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It is time!

Hello I am Suzanne Postings and a lot has changed since I started teaching Reiki under Hope Healing in 2004. I have grown and expanded in ways I never would have dreamed. It is my intention to always provide you with the best service possible and the highest vibration of sessions and courses. So the way I work has evolved. I now work multi-dimensionally in all my sessions and courses, bringing through high dimensional Light Language activations to shift and support you on your journey.

So I have a new website and lots more to offer you. There are webinars, sacred circles, courses and one to one sessions. All to expand your consciousness and awaken your potential. 

The best way to experience what I have to offer is to FEEL it, so please click here and listen to my FREE offerings and feel the shift for yourself.

If you interest is in learning Reiki then please read on.

Is Reiki Calling You?

Reiki is an amazing system of healing, it has given me and so many others a way in and a glimpse of what is possible. Yes, it will expand you. Yes, it will awaken you. Yes, it will shift your mind and your life. It will clear out old energy and allow you a new perspective. But it is still a system. It still has its limits. So, I do not teach it in its original form.

Imagine Limitless Potential

Just imagine how much more powerful your session would be, how many more people you could guide and shift if you had access to your full potential!

There is so much more available to us now as our connection and energies continue to grow.

I am here to guide you on this journey to awakening. On the never-ending spiral of releasing and opening to love and light, the greatest expression of your Soul. This is your truth.

A New Way of Learning Reiki

I share and guide people in a fluid and open way and include many different modalities. I mix them up. Allowing for your truth and knowledge to shine through.

This is not new to you and it is a reawakening of your gifts and talents from other lifetimes. That is why you feel the pull towards it. Even if you do not understand why.

My intention is to guide you to expand, allow you to follow your intuition. To give you the confidence to allow that inner knowing to lead you through life. To let go of fear and trust.

You may be here because you want to learn “Reiki” or healing for yourself, for your own journey, you may have a deep desire to share your gifts with others and help them improve their life. It doesn’t matter why.

So, if you want to expand your consciousness, expand your knowledge, and awaken your gifts from other lifetimes and dimensions then I may just be the teacher for you.

Please visit my new website or my bookings page for more information.

The new way is intuition, it is FEELING. So listen to my FREE offerings and feel the vibration of unlimited potential.

I am so happy to connect with you and serve you on your journey to expansion,



Suzanne xx