connect, release, awaken

Wow what a time we are in. Can you feel your soul whispering you back home? Pushing you to awaken your spiritual gifts?


You are a being of light and you came here to shine.


If you want to expand your consciousness. If you want to shine your light. Open your heart to your truth and your life to amazing possibilities, then the courses I offer are for you.


These energies are deep, expansive and profound. They are so much more than Reiki. As we expand our light and our knowledge so much more is available to us.


Make 2021 your year to shine and start your journey back home.

Are you are being called to step into your highest potential? Do you want to re-awaken your Soul’s gifts?

 Then join me on my new website and allow your light and power to shine through.  

I am building a new online portal to connect with you that will have all of my online courses, webinars and FREEBIES. Please take at look here x

“Connect and expand your energy, bringing more light into your life and you reality”

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Welcome to Hope Healing with Suzanne Postings

Suzanne has 20 years of experience in Spiritual Coaching, teaching, guiding and working with energies.

Suzanne is a Multi-Dimensional Healer and Spiritual Channel. She connects with Higher Dimensional Beings for deeply powerful and life changing sessions. 

She teaches the powerful Shamballa Reiki Healing system that is Atlantian in it’s origin and is of a very high vibration.

Reiki healing is a powerful hands on treatment that works with the universal life force energy of “Chi” to shift negative energy and dis-ease and brings the recipient into harmony. It can be used for many different things including, alleviating dis-ease, pain relief, to combat stress and to help with clarity or simply for relaxation.

Whether you want treatment, training or someone to guide you through your spiritual journey Suzanne will do that with love and support.

Hope Healing Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers are now available to buy online direct from us for just £60 + £1 P&P! One voucher entitles the recipient to a relaxing, loving session of Reiki. (Please be aware that in these times it is not always possible to see clients in person so a Zoom session will be offered instead)

The perfect gift is the gift of well-being

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